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(According to patent number 5966138)
In the way of Master Takeuchi “Nuka Heaven” of Miki City. Hyogo Prefecture Japan

rice bran fermentation
When you bury yourself in “Rice bran enzyme” which is obtained from the fermentation of rice bran with the power of microorganisms. (benefit groups) and enzymes secreted by microorganisms The temperature is about 60 degrees C caused by the activation and proliferation of microorganisms. The heat is caused by the internal movement of friction and vibration. If you feel the soft, moist, comfortable skin. as if under a temperature of about 40 degrees C

It is estimated that there are 8 billion microorganisms per gram of rice bran enzyme in a baking pit. If the enzyme is fully secreted It will enable communication with 100 trillion microorganisms. inside our intestines to extract temperature or warmth It shows the efficiency of work that we have never experienced before. This warmth can be felt through the bones. It’s the warmth that you can feel. It differs from the skin-only hot flashes you would get from a hot bath or any steam treatment. which is very clearly put in heat energy from outside

After 10 minutes, sweat will be released throughout the body. (From scalp to toe), the heart rate will be higher. Toxins that have accumulated in the body for many years are excreted. resulting in effective self-healing from the foundation As a result, the body warms from the inside. causing the power of nature to heal itself to increase

create an environment for microorganisms
The depth of the pond stabilizes the microbial environment and can extract energy. Charcoal with a porous molecular structure is contained around the sides and inside an enzyme pond at a depth of 1.20 m to deodorize and maintain aerobic bacteria’s livelihood purity and stability.

The rice bran enzyme spa in Chiang Rai has begun fermentation. It is a picture of Master Takeuchi. That being described must have a depth of at least 80 cm and the bran has to be fermented for a long time to turn black. Then, Ajarn brought the enzyme leavening agent from the first fermentation from Japan and sprinkled it on the rice bran that had just begun fermentation of Chiang Rai. (But the temperature is near 60 degrees C already) to explain the difference in color At first it was light-colored rice bran. but over time The color of the bran becomes the same as the original leavening agent from Japan. Close to Hatcho Miso (Aichi Prefecture’s famous traditional miso that has been fermented for hundreds of years)

Maybe when you think of enzyme baking You might think it has a strong smell. If the difference between Nuka Heaven (nuka, Japanese for rice bran, nukadoko is fermented plantain) and conventional rice bran enzyme baking, is the smell. It smells like yogurt or cocoa, perhaps like freshly baked bread. depending on the time

water as a key ingredient At Sala Ram Chiang Rai Spa, water is “powerful” with high pressure from Mana water, the water used to nourish the enzymes. With a pressure boosting mechanism, tap water molecules being forced to act more thoroughly Suction and shock break out potentially harmful substances. and turn the water closer to the fresh, clean, and safe water in nature

In addition, the static energy is charged into the water molecules through the stimulator for more than 6 hours, where it initiates the decomposition of the rice bran that is food for the microbes. Giving the statically charged water to the microbes also increases the vibration. resulting in a powerful rice bran enzyme more lively with Nuka Heaven’s Original Rice Bran Spa in Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture It also uses water that has passed through a large static charge stimulator.

Hemp charcoal powder added to rice bran enzyme It is high quality charcoal. that we are experimenting and planning to use in future rice bran enzyme fermentation as well. You can make reservations online or by phone. (from the bottom of this website)