Amazing Enzyme Pack

Rice bran enzyme packed for foot-bath.

For foot-bath
Rice bran enzyme packed for foot-bath.

Just drop the pack into hot water. Bath your bare feet 30 to 40 minutes in it. It will warm your whole body. Keeps hands and feet warm for 10 hours or more after use. Use it daily for raising of your body temperature, increasing of your immunity and for health and disease prevention.

In addition, users do report that pain is relieved by directly applying it to the painful parts of the body such as shoulders, neck, knees, ankles, elbows, fixing it with a towel or support  and apply it for 5 hours (recommended at bedtime). There is also a report that if you slightly heat it with water vapor and put it on your eyes, your eyes will become brighter and your vision will open.

  • 1 pack contains 60 grams : 5 packs in 1 bag for 400B

1) Prepare a tub large enough to fit both feet and a foot towel.
2) Fill the container with hot tap water. The depth should be 20 cm from the bottom.
3) Just add one enzyme pack and gently stir.
4) Hot water with enzymes does not cool down as easily as plain water, but if you like hot water add hot water as soon as you want.
5) Even in an air-conditioned room, you will start sweating after 30-40 minutes. Enjoy your feet in the hot water “smooth as if they weren’t yours”.
6) There is no problem even if you bath your feet for more than 40 minutes.
7) After use, put the pack in the waste-bin. Drain the hot water down the drain.

*1) Mix the used rice bran enzyme pack with soil for a week and you can use it as a fertilizer.
*2) Although the effect is weakened, it can be used several times like a tea bag. If you want to use the pack more times, take the pack from the bath when the color of the hot water turns coffee-colored, squeeze it lightly to drain the water, and store it in a freezer so that it can be used again at a later date.
*3) There is also a report that washing pet hair with somewhat cooled down foot-bath water after use does improve the pet’s coat.
*4) Next to usage for foot-bath, you can use the pack instead of shampoo and your hair will become firmer. Also, if you use it instead of toothpaste, the microorganisms in the pack will break down the bacteria in your mouth, so you will feel refreshed.

The fresh rice bran enzyme of the Takeuchi-style enzyme bath “Salabran” is harmless even if you swallow it.  In the store, we also sell rice bran enzymes that are not packed for members only. It is almost odorless (slight coffee smell). Please use it for various purposes. Don’t put it in hot water, apply it on the affected area and keep it there by towel or other fixture.

Feedback of users

Mr. TN
The other day, I had a stomach ache, and I tried to put an enzyme pack on the painful part and go to sleep. On the first day already, I felt less pain and after 3 days the pain completely disappeared. Afterwards, there was also pain in the intestines and lung areas. It could have been gastroenteritis. I put enzyme packs on two places, slept and it was cured. When I have a sore throat, I wrap it in a bandana and tie it around my throat.

Mr. MN
My younger brother in Japan got a strained back in the middle of the night, he did put the enzyme pack I sent him a year ago to his waist, fixed it with sports tape and slept. The next morning he was almost cured and was able to bend forward.

Mr. RJ
I get skin-rashes on my palms and fingers when I do the laundry. Dip this pack short in hot water and rub it on the affected skin area, put a dry pack in the palm of my hand, cover it with gloves and go to sleep.

Mr. EK
When a skin-rash appeared on my chest, I did put the rest of the foot-bath on the affected area together with a wet pack and it healed the next day. That’s remarkable.

pet and enzyme pack

Pets have seen great results.

The dog was bedridden after undergoing surgery for renal failure, but after lying on the rice bran enzyme for about 4 hours, he was completely cured in two days. The owner of a pug dog (with droopy cheeks) tells, “When a dog drinks water, water accumulates in the wrinkles, bacteria grow, it becomes heat rash and it scratches. I went to the doctor and couldn’t get rid of it with medicine for 10 years.  But I was able to recover in one day by applying Salabran’s enzyme pack.” I put the enzyme pack on the affected area and the dog wore a bandana like a collar. It seems that the enzyme pack fixed it.

Also, here are some great examples:

・8 years bald
Mr. N’s golfer’s elbow, which had been interfering with his daily life for the past six months to the point where he could no longer lift anything, went to Salabran Enzyme Bath once a week, and was completely cured after the fifth visit. Now, Mr. N’s 14-year-old dog developed a skin disease of unknown cause eight years ago and began to lose its hair. The following is a note written by Mr. N’s wife.

(Begin pasting) My dog ​​(Damko) has been bald for 8 years and has been going to a pet hospital in Bangkok for a long time. During that time, I sent my dog’s skin and blood samples to the United States. However, the cause was unknown. I heard about enzyme treatment for pets at Salabran and tried it out. First, when I started applying the enzyme pack to the affected area, the bright red area turned into a normal white skin the next day. It has an immediate effect on inflammation. The itchiness didn’t go away easily, but when I patiently applied the enzyme pack, thin hair began to grow where the hair had fallen out in about a month.

After one month of continuing, the amount of hair has recovered, so I finished the prescription for the time being. After that, when I looked at the situation, there was no inflammation and the coat became glossy in 10 days. It’s a hybrid, but it’s like a Labrador (laughs). Enzyme pack was enough for me to recover completely… But it was good! We appreciate.  Seeing the dog’s painful expression is the best way to respond. I’m sorry, I wrote extensively, but what I want to say is that enzyme therapy is highly praised. We were grateful that we were able to treat the dog’s body with low treatment costs. If you have a dog with the same symptoms, I would definitely recommend it. The picture is Damko today. His hair has completely healed. (finish paste)

From Salabran.  It seems that the hair on the back and lower body, and the hair to the tail has completely disappeared because of the inflammation of the skin and scratching the itchy place. It seems that the enzyme pack was applied to the affected area for 30 minutes a day, but if it could be applied to the affected area for 4 to 5 hours, it would have healed faster. But I wonder if dogs would like it. The Takeuchi-style (originally of Salabran, Miki City, Hyogo Prefecture) rice bran enzyme is extremely effective for dogs and cats. Originally, it is said that the self-healing power is stronger than that of humans. There is also a Japanese branch of the Takenouchi Enzyme Bath that specializes in pets.